Anti Terror Combat is now BlackCombat

Anti Terror Combat has been taken over by BlackCombat

Join BlackCombat and get your rank recognized

To join any of these ranks you have to do the following:

If you are already a martial artist and you have any rank which is recognized by the BlackCombat organisation, you can get awarded.

For example: You are a green belt Karate, you will be awarded the white belt

For example: You are a 1. Dan Karate, you can be awarded the 1. Dan BlackCombat

In both cases you must join the BlackCombat organisation and you have one year time to proof, that you are familiar with the requirements of your grade awarded.

It only makes sense to join, if your martial arts background is more from a self defence sort rather than sportif only.

The other way to get any BlackCombat rank is to join a school near you which provides the training and you learn the skills and become graduated.

At the BlackCombat blog you find updates of teachings and seminars worldwide.

This is Anti Terror Combat

What is Anti Terror Combat?

As in any other sector, like science, medicine and so on there is a constant development in the martial arts too. But especially in the field of self defence we see the need to be 100% update with the latest development. This is because people don’t want to put their lives at risks. Martial arts have been known since mankind is on this planet. There were always reasons to fight each other. And since then nothing has changed, only the methods to fight.

Anti Terror Combat is therefore the most modern system for personal self defence. Most modern because it is updated as soon as the situation out in the real word requires it. We are not living in a Dojo and we do not train for any sports and medals.

Anti Terror Combat knows only one purpose > and that is called stay safe.

Anti Terror Combat is a private organisation and has nothing to do with any kind of fighting terrorism, any political ideologies, any government or any companies they want you selling stuff.

Anti Terror Combat is your self defence only.

The word terror we show in our name, only describes best in our language a way of fighting a brutal and fierce attack. The world of street fighting, domestic violence, rape and harassment is not the same than at the time of our childhood. Today you can easy leave a street fight with more damage than just losing your front teeth. We all know these pictures when a victim gets kicked in the head when already on the ground. That’s why we call this system Anti Terror Combat. Combat against real dangerous situations. Not any small pub brawl, any bullying or private domestic dispute.

Grandmaster Horst D. Lindenau (6. Dan ATC) produced a system, which can be joined with distance learning and the help of modern technology and media. With a selection of online seminars, DVDs and of course one to one teaching every martial artist has the possibility to join Anti Terror Combat and can get graduated. But you need to have certain skills already otherwise we wouldn’t accept you. This makes sure that the student understands the basics of martial arts, has a foot in combat and fighting and is willing to harden up and put the new skills on top of his knowledge.

“Being a professional instructor myself and a practitioner, a student in the martial arts for all my life I believe it was only naturally to assemble all my knowledge and look at many disciplines and skills with a fresh approach. Finally I was convinced that a new self defence system was required. And this is the Anti Terror Combat.”

Grandmaster Horst D. Lindenau

World president of Anti Terror Combat 2016